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Thank you, duff! I'm taking this one with sorta relaxed wrists.

A momma and four kids? Wow.
So in Texas they produce more than one litter per year? If I have been informed correctly, they wean the bebes at about 4-5 months (?), so the spring litter should be kicked out by now...
Great to hear of someone not hating the buggers. I mean, I know they do a lot of harm and mess up the hoods, but still.
One of the most adaptive mammals, after humans. Gotta respect it!
I'm kinda honored to be in a position to experience one and see the qualities leading to the adaptability, first hand.

I spent 6 months in Vancouver back in the days, and had a male raccoon living in a cedar on the backyard of the house I lived in. He was the coolest guy to talk to, while taking a bath in the hot tub at dusk.

Thanks again!

"There is no name for what I'm going to be when I get big."
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Earth. I think we can make a buck on it so let's destroy it.
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