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I have a 55 gallon tank and have 48" Nova Extreme 2xT5HO. When I bought it I thought I was getting the recommended light for medium light plants (2 wpg).

After continually fighting algae I started looking for answers and found that based on your par info that these are most likely considered high light for my tank.

I wanted to take one bulb out, but then realized it only works if I have 2 bulbs in.
If I take window screen and put a layer of it inside the light on the plastic slide out splash guard will that reduce the light enough to help keep the algae down but still be enough for all my plants on the bottom? The screen won't melt/burn will it?

I have dwarf sag that is finally starting to spread, but I'm sick of clipping bba and hair algae every day. I've already reduced my light period to 6 hours a day and its slowed down the algae, but has not stopped it.

I use diy co2, don't want pressurized co2 and is seachem fert dosing chart, but am soon hoping to switch to pps pro.
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