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Sorry about the lack of updates, I've just been busy as heck with work lately.
The tank is up and running but I'm getting nitrate/nitrite spikes and have lost a bunch of fish... fairly frustrated right now but just trying to contain the fallout.

I'm not entirely sure what happened as I used mulm and sponge filter squeezings from my old tank and the biomedia from my old filter and ran it for about a week. Things seemed ok and stable so I added my fish and for the first few days things were fine then I noticed I lost 3 endlers, 2 white clouds and 3-4 CPD overnight.
Tested the water and it was awful, high in nitrites and nitrates but zero ammonia. This happened in about 38 hours after my last test. I did a 50% water change that night and a succession of 25% water changes over the next couple days and it seemed like things were stable.
Then after a couple days I lost another fish per day for 3 days. Nitrates were high, nitrites and ammonia test ok. Been doing water changes every day or two.

It appears the tank decided to fool me and have a cycle after staying stable for as long as it did but I think part of my losses were due to stress because the flow was too high been though I'd already swapped to a lower flow pump, so I've swapped it out for a still lower flow pump.

I'm really annoyed with myself and I'm not sure how many more fish I'm going to lose before this settles out and stabilizes.
I'm also annoyed at one of the local LFS, they put their demo 40 gallon Osaka on clearance a couple days before I got this tank finished, if I'd known I'd have gotten it for sure, I'm still debating it lol... talk about a tank hoarder.

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