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Microscopic living things in our FW aquarium

I recently post a thread about my newly set up nano tank and received a few helpful info. Now it's my turn to contribute to the community.

As my nano tank approaching its third week fishless cycling, I've noticed there are Microscopic life inside of my nano tank. How could this be? I was excited, thought I had a tinny baby shrimp in my tank LOL

This extremely small living things is hard to capture with my camera, even with a powerful magnifier I can hardly see the detail of this "tinny shrimp". As I look more carefully, I'd discovered there are various of life form in my 6 gal nano tank - Some fast swimmers, some bug like shape and some attached to the tank glass ..etc. Talking about EEeeeewwwwww

I was totally freaked out by the sight. Grabbed my laptop, I Googled every possible lead, read almost every articles, nothing really made me feel completely comfortable, till I saw this video which ID one of those things inside my tank ~~

I also found this video on Youtube which made me understand more about fresh water and gain more knowledge on how to identified a good or bad microscopic life forms in fresh water aquarium. << An amazing video.

Now I understand the importance of those under water crustaceans in Microscopic Worlds actually play a very important part to keep our aquarium health.
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