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HybridHerp's 5.5 gallon College Tank

Okay, FINALLY, I get around to making a Journal for this tank. I like keeping my tanks separate, especially this one because this is my tank that comes with me everywhere. Which is annoying because I drain it half way and then transport it with all of the stock when I go to and from college on long breaks, but its worth the slight pain.

Anyways, let me start with a, kinda blurry looking, fts.

This tank's only problems, currently, are some annoying algae's and a mess of bladderwort (that I want to go away....or mix in with the floaters and flower......but mostly just go away). Oh, and duckweed to the extreme......

But anyways, lets talk about the specs of this thing. Its a simple 5.5 gallon tank, with organic potting mix capped with pool filter sand for the substrate, a Whisper 20 (I believe) filter that I have with a mini make shift sponge on the intake, and a Ray2 Ultraslim 16" DS.

Anyways, here is the stocklist.

Eleocharis belem - “ Dwarf Hairgrass” (mixed in with the glosso)
Glossotigma elatinoides – “Glosso” (main carpet, needs to be thinned a little more)
Ludwigia sp. ‘Red’ – “Ludwigia” (trying to get a nice group out in the front, going well so far) got this from knuggs
Polygonum kawagoeanum (I really like this plant, been trimming and propegating it and I need to make it look more prominent) got this from knuggs as well
Rotala sp. wallichii – “Wallichii” (It needs a hard trim, and I need to start selling clippings or removing the bottoms and just keeping the tops)
Unknown Stem (its the green thing that looks like creeping jennywort) knuggs
Myriophyllum heterophyllum (hitchhiked in with the wallichi, removing as much of it as I can and keeping it in the 75 cause it looks too similar to the wallichi and it grows too fast for this tank)
Hygrophila difformis – “Wisteria” (grows so fast, so much of it.....need to thin this out a bit as well.......also where a ton of that bladderwort likes to live) got this from EllenJ
Nymphaea zenkeri - “Red Tiger Lotus” (its kinda pathetic and lost in the wallichi in the back, but it is there)
Salvinia minima – “Salvinia” (grows fast, but easier to control than the duckweed)
Lemna minor – “Duckweed” (why does this have to grow so fasttttttttt?)

More pics, yay

Here is the polygonum and the unknown plant. The unknown needs a hard trim as well, but it does look pretty. An ID would be beautiful.

I could get this plant to look more red (it looks more red in real life), but I haven't been replanting the tops as much as I should. It still needs a hard trim though, but is it okay to just trim it and then let the bottoms form new shoots or should I remove the bottoms and only use the tops?

A glimpse of the bladderwort is here, but so is my little group of Ludwigia sp. 'Red' and Wisteria. Also, you can see the mess that the combo of glosso and DHG makes. I love it though :P

Now, for the stock list. This isn't exactly a finished tank, but its good enough for me for now.

Neocaridina heteropoda – “Red Cherry Shrimp” (not sure exact numbers, need them to breed still)
Caridina serrata – “Tangerine Tiger” (same deal here with the numbers, and the whole breeding thing) from Jorge_Burrito's AMAZING ROAK
Caridina sp. – “Orange Eye Blue Tiger” x2 (two of these hitchhiked in with the ROAK)
Planorbis rubrum – “Ramshorn Snail” x# (I started with one red one.....that then become hundreds of leopard ones......I'm not complaining)
Melanoides tuberculata – “Trumpet Snail” x# (I don't even see these anymore, but I'm sure they are doing fine somewhere in there)

I want to get redder cherry varieties into this tank to increase the color of my still waiting on breeding population. But I bought some cherries at a lfs that were berried, and they managed to have their eggs hatch and then died shortly thereafter, but the crappy 10 I had them in spawned hundreds of these guys, so they are all very much related, but they are also all my own.

And one of the tangerine tigers. The OEBT are still really small and only come out every now and then, but I LOVE these guys. I want to get them breeding, and I might get more tangerine tigers as well. And heck, maybe even more OEBT since Jorge told me he kept them both together without any intermingling.

Anyways, I want to add some cool nerites at some point for sure, and once I get breeding established, I might grab some nano fish for the hell of it.

Any advice on anything would be cool, especially with that ID, getting the shrimp to breed, and trimming this bad boy up. Once I get my own paypal and figure out how to ship plants, expect me to be selling some of the extras (I need to pay to get fancy plants for my other tanks lol)
Thanks for looking

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