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Finally, I can show pictures that make this tank look like, well, a planted aquarium.

Before showing any pictures, I will say what is in this tank as of now. I completely drained the tank, changed out the substrate, and started anew with some pieces of the old tank.

The only inhabitants right now are some ramshorn snails and pond snails, which I'm okay with this time around. I found it too annoying trying to keep "pest" snails out of this tank my first go around, so I will let them be in there for now.

As far as plants go, I only have, as of now, very little of the following things.
Microsorum pteropus – “Java Fern” (mostly bare rhizomes tied to the rocks and driftwood)
Cryptocoryne wendtii - “Red/Brown Crypt” (around the wood and showing a nice bit of growth)
Sagittaria subulata - “Dwarf Sag” (I have it around the rocks for now, and I want it to get nice and dense in that area)
Egeria najas – “Narrow Leaf Elodea” (I removed this from my 5.5 and placed it in here)
Cambodia furcata - “Red Cambodia” (its in the back, but I'm sure it will become a monster soon)
Nymphaea zenkeri - “Red Tiger Lotus” (I took this little plantlet out from my 75, and I'll let it grow as much as it wants in here, coming up from behind the driftwood)

I have some more dwarf sag and Echinodorus parviflorus (going to go in the back left) comming from 245Bettalover that will be very welcomed into this tank. I also plan on getting some HC to carpet in here, along with a group of Ranunculus inundates on the left side and a group of Utricularia graminifolia on the right side. Or I might just so the UG and the Ranunculus, I'm not really sure yet.
I also want to get some other stem plants in here, for sure I know I want Ammania sp. 'Bonsai' to be implemented into this tank, and probably some Rotala species or whatever plants I want that I can't fit into my 75. Of course, if I come across any small fancy plants, I'd probably throw it in here as well.

Now for the tank specs, this tank is being filtered by two marineleand penguin 100 filters, which have been very good and reliable for me in the past with this tank. However, I got rid of the old 19W t8 light that I had on this (it wasn't a good light lol) and replaced it with a nice, 22" Ray2 Ultraslim DS (early christmas present, thanks parents ).

As for the substrate, I decided to do organic potting mix, the same as what I used in my 5.5, and cap it with black sand that I got for a few bucks at a lfs. I'm really starting to like the whole, dirted tank thing, although, as the pictures will show, my water doesn't look that great currently and some of the dirt is above the sand atm :\ Not that it worries me much, because I'm sure things will be better once there are more plant in this thing.

Anyways, here is the tank as of now from the front. All of that Java Fern and Dwarf Sag was taken from the tank as it was when I first made this thread, so the fact that it is alive is more than enough to make me happy. And besides, I know it will grow even bigger and better now that I have hi lighting and all of these nutrients, so I'm not worried. For the past 3 weeks, these have been planted and living with just the 19W light, so now that I have the Ray2 on this, I'm sure growth will be even faster. The crypts were a combination from this tank and from my 75, I removed them only because I would rather condense them into this tank and have different crypts in the 75. But they are growing well, considering

This is what the backside of that driftwood looks like. I just want the crypts to become a mini jungle in there, and have that little red tiger lotus send leafs up from around the driftwood. If I let this be an open top tank, I would even consider letting it flower or something, but not sure if I want to keep the lid on or not.

This and my 75 are tanks that I am most excited for, so stay tuned cause I promise this will be interesting. Also, check out my 5.5, because the success of that tank is what I'm basing this tank off of.

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