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So, new full tank shot as of today. Sadly, not much really looks different, but you can get an idea of how big my big bichir is (and why he makes it difficult to plant and stock this tank at times lol). I lost my limnophia aromatica and moved the last offshoot of my old red tiger lotus to my new 10 gallon. My Aflame Sword, sadly, did not do well and is gone I also need to properly tie down those windelov ferns once and for all, but I'm really hoping that they will take off in due time.

Nice pic of this guy, probably going to make him my new profile picture as well, since he is now my oldest fish. As you can see though, I'm in need of more c. parva since mine looks less than fantastic.

I added more of this from my 5.5 gallon that I brought home from college. I believe it is Myriophyllum heterophyllum, and it will stay there until I decide to do something else with it, most likely in the background somewhere as a nice big bush, although I still have no idea what I would do with the trimmings of this plant. At the very least though, it will fill up space until I can get stem plants again.

I added some more gloss from my 5.5 gallon into this tank as well. I placed some osmocote tabs underneath the mini, partually buried, patches as well, cause I would love to get this plant to carpet in here. If that doesn't work though, I might try a carpet of hydrocotyle or s repens.

Anyways, before christmas I have some plants coming in, which I am SUPER EXCITED FOR. I have some Anubias barteri - “Coffeefolia” and Cryptocoryne parva and Echinodorus parviflorus – “Tropica” from 245Bettalover that are going into this tank. I'm also waiting for some crypts and other plants to get from me from someone on APC, but I don't want to say what those plants are yet cause surprises can be fin sometimes :P

Anyways, as far as my plans for this tank, I don't really have the fish part of it set into stone at all. But for plants, I do have my ideas that I want to implement.
Firstly, around where the Rose Sword (and hopefully new Aflame one day in the future) are, I want to create a patch of various crypt species and varieties that I find interesting. Things with color and pattern basically.
In the foreground as well, I want to get some Blyxa japonica to create a bit of a seperating bush around the front where all of my driftwood is, in the area where the bichir's tail is in the fts. I also want to get some h. pinnatifida for the foreground again, and grow tons and tons of it. Maybe I'll keep the parva closer to the right side of that little area and do pinnatifida on the leftern most side.
I want to get h. polysperma sunset again, and that I would most likely keep near the wood with all of the anubias on it, either keeping it short in front of that wood or growing it behind the wood. I'm also considering throwing some Nesaea pedicellata 'golden' and maybe even Nesaea crassicaulis (the red one) around somewhere as well. I also want to have a nice crinum of some sort right at the most right part of that right piece of wood, near where I'm going to be having a bunch of large monster plants. I also want to get a big Lace Leaf for the left side again, and then have a mess of different ludwigia species and varieties in that area as well. L. glandulousa and L. inclinata and its variations have definitly caught my eye lately, as well as different pogostemon species and even rotala macarandra. And of course, L. aromatica is always an option to be kept somewhere in the tank, unless I got p. stellata (which I think looks very very similar).
As far as the driftwod goes, the left piece I want to become covered in petite anubias, and the right piece to be covered in different anubias species of a larger variety. The second piece to the left, I want the top to be covered in Windelov and then the bottom part to be either a different java fern type, or just let moss take over that along with the wood making a little cave with that wood.
I might want to get some HC or riccia growing on the stones I have throughout the tank, and I think I'll eventually pick up some Hygroryza aristata to let float around the top.

Of course, if I find any other plants that catch my fancy I will probably consider where to fit them into this mess as well, so long as it looks okay with everything else. I swear, this will look a LOT more like a real planted tank before I go back to school at the end of January.

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