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Originally Posted by jbrady33 View Post
The algae issue will be directly related to the height of the light off the substrate. I believe a 60 p is 12" deep and 24" wide. A 24" Ray2 is kicking out 74 PAR at that depth, you better be injecting Co2 unless you want an algae farm.

A FugeRay light of the same size is 45 PAR at that depth, Co2 would still be a good idea but you could get away with Excel/glut dosing.

With either light you could raise it higher (hang it instead of mounted on the tank) or use window screening to cut down the light. If I were going the screening route I would take the end cap off the Finnex light and slide the screen inside the plexi splash shield.

(Sorry Lowe - had to add something involving taking it apart )

PS: From what I understand the HC and bonsai are going to require real Co2 injection to grow well, never tried myself.
Thanks! I have a everything for a pressurized C02 System so that is not a problem.
The 60P is 14" high and I am assuming the Finnex fixture sits about .5 to 1" above the tank given how it connects. Regarding Par and plant requirements, how does one determine what is sufficient? Take HC, it has a high light requirement, but there is varying opinions as to what range "high" falls into. Where would someone even begin to suggest a range if not from a scientist?
Tropicas website and other companies that grow aquatic plants must have a range they work with as a base. A par of 45 or 100 is a huge difference. I feel like I am shooting in the dark with this.
Lastly if I am to grow plants that are several inches above the substrate the par will increase. How do I keep GSA and other algae from affecting those plants?

I greatly appreciate everyone's advice! This community has helped me so much

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