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GDA = Chlamydomonas and/or Ankistrodesmus

Originally Posted by Denis Onii View Post
Tom, it has been identified under a scope as Chlamydomonas, thats not to say it's right. A quick search through multiple search engines and algaebase suggest that there is no such thing as Akineoscedesmus, do you have any links?
I think it should be not Akineoscedesmus, but Ankistrodesmus (which belongs to the same class as Chlamydomonas => Chlorophyta > Chlorophyceae).

Still I know of some professors who identified this "green dust algae" on the glass of freshwater aquarium as "Chlamydomonas" also. I'm not saying that Tom Barr did not have Ankistrodesmus under his microscope, but our GDA could be Chlamydomonas as well as Ankistrodesmus.

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