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Originally Posted by andrewss View Post
Oh and I found the escapist amano shrimp alive and eating this morning, sooooo so far he seems ok - I am impressed he is surviving such stress still, hope he makes it. He is grazing some and appears to be ok but wow 5-10mins out of the tank under the stand is pretty impressive to survive at all from!
I had a cover on my Eheim Aquastyle 9, but I had one get out around the cover since the heater cord created a bit of a gap. It was found hours later about 12 foot away from the tank in the kitchen floor. It apparently crawled across 10 foot of carpet to make it there then a couple of feet into the kitchen. No idea how it did that. I know it lived for awhile, because it wasn't there all day then it was.

The others I had will sometimes get up on top of the filter completely out of the water looking to escape.

Glad yours made it.
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