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Adam's Low Tech 20 Gallon Tall *Sad Update* Help needed!

Over the weekend I added two small hornwort plants and 5 red cherry shrimp. All of the plants added to the tank so far are recovering from their previous locations. They are returning to their healthy green color. The shrimp seem to be doing well, they are scattered about the tank and constanly "working". One shrimp has even molted.

However (and this is a huge however), the fish have taken a turn for the worse. I don't know if it was from any of the new stuff I have added to the tank but it seems some form of illness has struck. When I checked on my tank Monday morning my two pencil fish seemed very lethargic. And, one of the WCMMs was at the top of the tank "gasping". I immediately tested the tank water. Nothing out of the norm. I don't have a quarantine tank so I decided to do a water change. Maybe this was a bad choice as the fish were already stressed out. I'm not sure. By the time if finished the water change the WCMM was dead . So I removed it from the tank and fed the others. BTW the whole time the other two WCMMs were acting perfectly normal. Their fins were extended, they were investigating, etc.

So, I came back to my tank Monday afternoon and one of the pencilfish is MIA . I searched the tank and found nothing. The other pencilfish was seeming to "come around" he was swiming closely with the others. I fed the fish and went to bed.

I checked my tank this morning, Tuesday. the three fish are all lethargic and their tails seem to droop. Another one of the WCMMs is at the top of the tank "gasping". Again I do a water change and by the time I'm done, this fish is dead too. I also find my missing pencilfish behind the filter inlet, DEAD . (I have some fluval prefilter foam guarding against fish or shrimp being sucked in) (I had a bad plecostomus experince several years ago).

I have no idea what is happening to my fish! Is this a result of an incomplete tank cycle? Did I introduce bad bacteria to my tank via plants, shrimp, or possibly the new driftwood? Any help or ideas would be great. What should I do for the remaining two fish? What do I need to do to get the tank back on track? Will my plants and shrimp be OK?
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