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Originally Posted by AquaStudent View Post
The LFS in Centerville, Centerville Aquariums or something like that, had CPDs when I was there a long time ago but they were asking about $9 for them too. They also had a tank for Red Cherry Shrimp (they were out of stock) and were asking $4 or $5 a pop for that.

Pretty wild :/

The Petco in Burke usually carries some Discus and a few other neat fish like the Black Ghost Knifefish and Elephantnose. In my experience though the Petsmart in Fair Lakes or Springfield tend to have a better selection of fish although rarely anything out of the ordinary. Petsmart in springfield did have some White Cloud MM (as of 2 days ago) although they didn't seem to be that great of stock.
yeah Centreville Aquarium, Aquatic Obsession (aka the Cozy Clownfish) and Pristine Aquariums.. all 3 are in the Northern VA area. they all wanted about $4-5 each for red cherry shrimp. i bought 20 on here for dirt cheap and now i probably have over 100 (they breed like crazy!). i wonder if i could sell them to the LFS lol. or at least get store credit
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