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Now that it's been a little while and I just introduced lil' Rahzek to the 40 gallon tank, I thought I would update the journal. All the plants are doing fabulously. Some of the ferns died back, but are growing in nicely now. I had to remove one orchid because it was losing lots of leaves, but the 3 left in the tank are doing very well.

To note, there is some foam at the bottoms of both waterfalls. IT IS NOT SOAP IN THE WATER. I've been keeping fish for years, I know better than to let things get contaminated with soap. I believe there is some protein in the water from the organic compounds that is foaming because my waterfalls splash. They bubbles dissapear when I shut off the pump and when I touch them, unlike soap bubbles.

The newest leaf on one fern coming in slightly orange, indicating that my light is pretty high.

My aquatic cryptocoreynes converting to emmersed very happily

New leaves on one of the broms. They are all growing new leaves.

Hygrometer showing 90% humidity in the back corner even with the 2.5" wide screen door going across the front of the tank.

Phal. equestris working on opening up.

A new growth on my Masednellia cuspidata jewel orchid

And finally lil' Rahzek checking out his new home.

Also, here is a decent shot of his front toes to show how large they are getting and heart shaped.

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