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Picked up a used 110G tank last weekend with 2 canister filters (fluval 403 and 406)

It was in pretty rough shape, but I've got it pretty much entirely cleaned up now. It's going to take the combined contents of my 29G and my 10G tanks.

I'm going to put dirt in this tank, but I don't have the time to do MTS via the wet/dry cycle, so I'm going to try the "bake it in the oven" technique... we'll see how it goes.

Will post pictures soon.

Here are some "before" pictures. Extra thanks to my Dad for letting me borrow his truck and helping me move it.

You can see it was pretty much an algae farm:


Here it is after a lot of scrubbing:

And here are some of the driftwood and rock pieces I got with it:

I hooked up the two canister filters that I got with the tank to my 29G for now, so they can start getting some bacteria colonization going on while I prep things for the move:

(Ignore the massive amount of plant growth... one of the reasons I needed a bigger tank!).

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