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This tanks been emptied and will be getting a revamp

So I'm changing to aqua soil and iv removed my old cap and the dirt beneath and I can explain why my swords were melting on one side and not doing all that great on the other

Turns out I had no where near enough dirt under there

Also one side didn't really have dirt there which kinda sucks

I'm going back to Fluro lighting

As a lot of my led have stopped recently then the driver decided to go bang

Don't really wanna wait for stuff from overseas so I'm getting another 2 bulb t5ho unit

And I'm thinking about building a proper stand for this tank and changing over to sump as I'm really over the cascade 1200 I'm using ATM

All it does is keep me awake and I wouldn't mind having the return split into 2 and having one either side and my overflow box in the middle some where

I already have my overflow box but I'd like to modify it to add an extra line so I can tune it to be almost silent

And will be running the same style reactor for my c02 but a lot better and of its own pump in the last chamber

Most likely I will glad wrap and tape up all open areas

So as things start to happen il put them all up here to help me keep track

Oh yeah and all my fish I gave to mum for Christmas

I will be leaving fish out of this tank but I will how ever be adding shrimp to this tank when I have it where I want it and as far as fish go it will be rummy nose tetra's as I really like them fish for so e reason I gues you could say they have been a long time favourite

Iv defiantly gotta change a few things
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