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This Wednesday will be 3 weeks with the DIY Jello CO2 mix, and it's still going strong. Drop checker is nice and green. I have another batch made up and ready to go when this one starts dropping off. There is about 25-30% jello left, so as long as the champagne yeast can keep on living it'll keep on going.

I'm getting great plant growth and have had to trim several stems as they touch the top and start to lean over to the opening where the light/filter are. Every plant is growing well, although the marsilea minuta quadrifolia is a little slower than I expected — but that's fine.

It's all the way through the ammonia part of the cycle and it's about 1/2 way through nitrites. I just have to keep feeding it ammonia until it's ready. I can't wait to drop in all the shrimp and fish! It's fun to look at now, but it needs some action.

Last week I procured some christmas moss from the SNS forum here. On Friday I attached it to my driftwood. It was very tricky tying it to the wood since I couldn't move the wood and I only had 1 hand. I did manage to get 1 good loop of thread holding it down in the middle. Then I just laid 2 of those lead plant weights to hold down each end.

Anybody have any idea how long it'll take this christmas moss to attach to the driftwood? The lead weights are ugly, so I'd like to get them out sooner than later, but I want to make sure it's attached well first.

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