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Pics 2morrow, I also have two orders of plants that I'm waiting on.
Need a bit of advice though, my swords do not look so hot right now, but I also have not been dosing either. I don't have that many plants in the tank atm, so should I re-start EI dosing or should I wait until I have more plants in the tank? If I do wait, it wouldn't be for more than a week anyways, since that is when I am getting a nice chunk of new things.

Also not sure if my aflame is still there and if a few other plants still exist. To be totally honest, I'm thinking of just scraping some of those anubias rhizomes and just replacing them with fresh plants, considering how slowly they grow regardless. I also really need to trim that banana plant back, since now all it wants to do is grow up to the light and not form proper lilly pads due to my night time aeration.

Still got a ton more plants that I want to get in this think, and I definitely want to be messing around with some stem plants now.

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