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Originally Posted by we4wieners View Post
Tank is very inspiring to a noob such as myself. Are you dosing anything or what is your water change regime?
I want to start dosing a little Seachem "Flourish." In fact, it's tempting to try my hand at DIY (or DIMyself?) CO2 to see how much of a difference it can make. If I do, I'll start another thread in the DIY forum or something and put a link to it in this journal. We'll see though... And as for water changes, I do them MAYBE once a month, 5 gallons at a time (25% of a 20g). But with the recent move, that's all new H2O!

Originally Posted by zoragen View Post
Send me those rocks! They are beautiful

Great progress. I love the paper clip idea.

I have flourite & mixed plain gravel & always have trouble keeping new plants anchored.
The rocks: from the side of the road that I stuck straight up in the substrate!

Try the paper clip thing and let me know how it works. It worked GREAT for me, obviously.
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