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Today i made a light stand with wire conduit piping and some chain worked out prety good. now the light reaches all the way to edges and does not get cut off from the clamps i was using to hold the light up before. in addition this looks so much better then rusty clamps.

_DSC6097 by marioman72, on Flickr

in addition i added a field of hydrocotle to the open area, it def needed somthing to fill in that open space i think it still need a grassy plant in the back or hear and there for a natural look. ive been researching pictures of different foregrounds to see what looks best for my scape. i might try experimenting with some mosses in the future. the dark green is really contrasty again most of the other foreground plant species that are around.

_DSC6096 by marioman72, on Flickr

and then an update on the 10g after doing a huge trim of the hydro and as i said planted it in the 20L the linophilia is getting much bigger now and the ludwigia is coming back strong from the trim. tho im not sure thats the right plant for that cornner. deppening on how the rottalla wallichi grows in the 20L i might do a swap to get some textual differences. but other wise a lost one of the maculatas everyone else is very happy. And added 15 PFR shrimps to add to the cleaning crew and get some more color in there. hopefully they start to reproduce.

_DSC6090 by marioman72, on Flickr
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