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I realize a lot of people don't take pics of their tank post trim. I found the people who do, helped me trim. Nothing new here, other than a Aqueon 10 watt heater. The reason I went with a 10 watt is because I was only about 2-3 degree's off of what I wanted. Seems to work fine but I would not recommend it if your tank is not almost where you want it, even if it was smaller than mine. It's just enough to keep things OK, I would have to keep the heat on, I am assuming, if I left town in the winter.

All trimmings went to member orchidman. He graciously gave me a bunch of his knowledge of, what else, Orchids. My gramma passed in September and she got really into Orchids in the years before she passed. Luckily, mine were not her's as they where not doing well. Anyway, he helped me a lot, just trying to share back.

The tank looks a bit "naked" but that's for a reason. I don't think I will find the balance between "jungly" and "manicured" for a few months, I just don't have fast enough growth to where this comes together fast. Some plants take up to 2-3 weeks to really recover after a trim. This is low tech, after all.

Of course, I need to show pictures. I apologize, I have not cleaned the glass, inside or out, since the original post, to my recollection.

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