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Originally Posted by babydragons View Post
I have to admit I bought one. I am so against buying bettas from Petco and petsmart because they always look so sad and never have a clean bowl. It's just wrong to keep fish that way. But I saw the baby bettas and they looked worse. There were like 5 or 6 and they all looked in pretty bad shape. I was going o walk away but one of them perked up and looked at me and she was swimming around and looked ok. I bought her so she wouldn't have to suffer much more. She was so small and all white. She's the only one I will ever break the rule for. Hopefully she will get her own tank after Christmas.
Hey absolutely no offense meant because I was almost in the same boat. But that's how they try to get to us!!! Show us poor animals and say for $2 you can nurse them back to health. I mean, how can you say no to that??! It's in our nature to want to help them and they profit over it. Glad to hear your betta is doing better now- saving a life (even a fish life) is never wrong.

Originally Posted by wendyjo View Post
I have one as well and I've had her since the end of October and she's doing great in her own planted 5g tank. Like with any pet, people just need to do some research in order to keep them healthy.
Yeah but the issue isn't really that they're selling without informing people, it's that they're selling at the expense of the animals. If they kept the bettas healthy (and in nicer containers/actual fish tanks) I would have no qualms about buying from them.
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