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Originally Posted by GeToChKn View Post
Yes it's sad to see betta's like this but in reality, any fish you buy from most fish stores or breeders even are bred in big vats and tanks, and "farmed" for us, forced to breed and spawn as much as possible to get the most babies possible, even if its way more breeding than would do in nature. Same with just about any other pet we buy, the food we eat, etc, etc. WC species are usually caught by natives of that area paid pennies on the dollar to what the fish or shrimp are actually worth.

If you're going to feel bad for the betta, feel bad for the 100 tetras in a 20 gal tank in the store, the hamsters bred in breeding cages, etc, etc, etc, etc.
Most fish are wild caught. Large scale farming for the most part is for food.


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