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I agree there are issues surrounding ornamental fish in general, but what they are doing to bettas is especially cruel. 99% of these fish meet a horrible end within a month or two. A betta should not be kept in a stagnant cup of water period. You should not sell people juvenile bettas, craftfully mislabeled as "babies", just to get them to buy these glorified cups of water for 15 bucks, knowing full well 99.5% of the juvy's will starve to death within weeks:

Rather than arm people with the necessary husbandry information and taking inhumane enclosures off the shelves and holding their livestock in acceptable conditions, they choose to do what makes the most money.

And I know there are people that feed live guppies to their fish so all of these bettas being killed off doesn't really matter. etc. etc. -as they always say "two wrongs don't make a right"-remember these are living things which we owe respect.
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