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New Update:

Can't find any of the sakura shrimp. They were small, so I think the blue tetras got a hold of them during the night. Well, I tried and know to either get bigger shrimp or forget about that all together.

Over the weekend I installed the Tom's surface skimmer. I was having a horrible time with surface film and this did the trick. Its a little big for my liking, but I'm sure once the rotala fills in it won't be too notable.

I'm excited to see some of the hair algae going away. My photo period has been reduced to 7 hours and I upped the Excel dosing to 2mL. I'm also splitting the Flourish ferts twice a week. Half a dose on Monday.. the other half on Thursday. Is 1mL enough? I guess I'm afraid to overdo it.

The chain swords are finally settled in and sending out new shoots. I'm thinking of trimming some of the larger leaves and just leaving the fresh newer growth. Would that cause any issues?

Here's a picture of the tank a week later. All comments and critiques are welcome.


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