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Originally Posted by Cavedweller View Post
Looks like those lizards are Holaspis guentheri, they apparently go by a billion different common names, so you'll be better off searching for the latin name. From what little info I can gather, it looks like they need AT LEAST 18 inches of height, and preferably bigger than that.

You might have enough space for a mantis, provided you added a lot of perches since it's a glass tank.

Psst, you could always go with millipedes.

Oh I figured out what they where threw LLL Reptile. One of the workers there used to breed them believe it or not. The cage I have is perfect for a trio (1 male, 2 females), but they have a high heat requirement witch I can not meet with having chinchillas in the same room.

The tanks still sitting in my room empty and looking lonely haha.

I really wanted to do salamanders, but CA has all these crazy laws on them, and the ones that are legal here, get WAY to big for the tank I have.

I am thinking of possibly turning it on its side, sealing in a glass plate where the screen top is, and turning it into something cool.

Millipedes would be cool if the ones I like where not so darn pricy (75$ per millipede.) Then again, if my friend gets hers breeding she may give me babies free of charge.

What I would love to do is put a colbolt blue tarantula in it, but after talking to one of my managers who used to own one, I decided against it seeing how aggressive they can be.

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