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Really been enjoying the tank. Fish are happy and healthy. Water clear. Tank quiet. Plants mostly growing. Algae easy to deal with. Maintenance easy. Haven't started seeing those annoying scaping issues yet. Really liking these ADA NA bulbs. Plants are super green but fish color is okay and I don't have to mess with color balance when I edit the photos.

Very strange though. Just before I changed the water this week I kept hearing slurps at the overflow box. When I looked into the box there were 3 Corydoras. Suspect they were being frisky and liked the danger near the overflow box?

Got an early Christmas present, a fancy digital timer. DH had his doubts but it wasn't as big a pain to program as the single digital timer I had before. This one has 5 programmable outlets and each of those can go on and off 6 times a day plus there is a single regular outlet as well. It doesn't cost a lot less than a real controller but I suspect it is easier to use too. Right now I have the metal halides turning on 5 minutes apart so the power surge is lessened and the CO2 solenoid on it so have 2 more slots I could program if needed. Traded two power strips and 3 timers for one unit. Looks much neater not having those extra cords under the tank. After TWO ballasts failed just getting unplugged for a couple days when I moved into this tank I sure was concerned about the new timer working though. So far so good........

The Lindernia is starting to make a nice little patch.

The horror of melted Bolbitis. I don't know if rhizomes are branching or just sprouting new fronds from original rhizome ends.

Action shot of a female bristlenose pleco on zucchini. When she is on the zucchini all the fish stay away!

Middle of the tank with lots of Congo Tetras and platies. The single mystery stem behind the Blyxa japonica very abruptly hit some limit this week and is severely stunted.

Full tank shot. Kawagoeanum is peeking over the C. wendtii and the pennywort is just about right. I am having to wait on the Myriophyllum mattogrossense, sure hope it decides to stick around but I have bought another stem that might fill out the area nicely, Potamogeton gayi.

End tank shot. I bought Hygrophilia pinnatifia. Hydrocotyle sibthorpioides is starting to perk up but a lot way from being the weed it can be. The green substrate under the Marsilea is likely BGA. Why it is there and nowhere else I don't know.
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