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Thanks guys! Grendel, the tank and stand came from a local shop in TN when we lived there. The plants in the current iteration of this tank all came from Petsmart, of all places. Cohoons used to have some neat fish, but they shut that down a while back, and I'm not sure even the grain elevator runs anymore. There's a place out in Saginaw across 675 that occasionally has good stuff, but lately since we've had to go down to Ann Arbor for my daughter more we've been stopping at Pruess' Pets in Lansing.

Next paycheck comes around in about 24 hours, planning on ordering some plants online/SnS. Limno aromatica, myrio, cabomba, some crypts and some rotala red/macandra are on the list. Blyxa japonica might be as well to replace the sword or one bunch of the crypt wendtii.
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