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Originally Posted by markstr View Post
Does anyone here use their GH test by chance ? I always have a problem matching the coloration of the test to their charts. This one in particular since they are saying ,
First turns Orange and then to Green. Well, I can't tell worth a darn LOL !!
First drop on mine is a Clear/ Orange color. More clear than anything else. Then after the 1st drop, it starts to just barely turn to maybe a slight tinge of green ??? How Dark is that
green suppose to be in order to get an actual reading ?? I generally don't trust the accuracy of these tests but just wanted to get some sort of Idea here if at all possible.
Love to hear some feedback on this.
The first drop is usually faint orange. When the color of the water sample changes, the color is usually a very light green. Once you see a change in color, you've reached your titration endpoint. In your case, since it only took you 2 drops to get the color change, it means you have a GH of 2 degrees.

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