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Originally Posted by thief View Post
Good job you are doing there guys.

Lol about a month back I did like 8 hours of research on these rare rocks. I came up with a lot of info.

Also a while back i talked with screename who was selling about 1000lbs of seiryu stones. He told me that he got all the stones from a neighbor where the rocks were just piled up and sitting there. The Neighbors husband unfortunately no longer with us and he was the one who went to China and got the stones and shipped about 10000 lbs back.

Also I have done a lot of research on Manten stone.

Unfortunately I don't think I have a lot of links to what I found. I will post what I have later on though to add to this.

Also Discus I would love to hear more about your findings.

Any update on more findings? Im trying to find a place to source ADA like stones in NJ. The closes I have is Moss, rock or gray stone.

ADA 60P Journal


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