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LED Lighting - Electrical switch wiring on retrofit

Hi PlantedTank!

I have undertaken a project to retrofit my AquaOne 120 tank (40 foot, 90G) which has a built in Hood light. Previously the hood had 3x 36" (3 foot) T8 bulbs in it. I am upgrading those to 3x 12 LED lights mounted on Aluminium Channel.

I am doing the wiring of the hood and I realised that the switches for the T8 globes (and fluro drivers) are Single Pull - Single Throw (SPST) switches.

What this means is that in the AC circuit the Neutral Wire (blue in Australia) goes directly to the Fluro Driver and the Live Wire (brown) goes to a single switch and then to the driver. When the switch is thrown it only disconnects the one Live wire.

In retrofitting this I am removing the Fluro tubes and Drivers altogether and am replacing them with 3x Meanwell 60N-48 LED Drivers. I was going to use the same circuit to wire the drivers in however On closer inspection I realised I may have hit a problem.

Since the switches are SPST I am just wondering whether that may throw an issue for the Meanwell LED Drivers. The switches were fine for the Fluro setup (from the manufacturer) but I'm not sure whether they'll be fine for an LED Driver setup.

Basically can I just disconnect power to one lead of an LED Driver (specifically Meanwells) and it will disconnect the circuit or will this cause issues and I need to upgrade the switches to Single Pull - Double Throw (SPDT) switches to disconnect both wires (Neutral and Live)?

Attached is a crummy MSPaint picture of my problem. I hope that someone can provide some information as Google hasn't really returned any help.

Thank you!

(in case my picture uploading doesn't work I have put the image online at
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