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Originally Posted by @marko@ View Post
guppies huh?
they are cool fish. kept em for years.
had em in a 6 gallon eclipse for a good five years or so. the tank was beyond overstocked and i would always sell of the biggest ones as they grew. after they finally died out after i upgraded to a 20 gallon (huge infection, everything died), they were essentially a dwarfed variety, and the males only grew to be an inch or so long. all kinds of different colors though.
so since you also keep nanos, try selecting for the smallest adults. eventually youll get a strain that produces small fish that you can keep more of, and are more to-scale with the tank.
just a thought.
Thanks for the advice. It's so cool that one can create their own strain in a short amount of time through selective breeding and culling in the hobby, even in just a few gallons of water.

Originally Posted by somewhatshocked View Post
White background could look pretty cool. I don't think the intake tube would be too distracting.

Guppies are the nicest in smaller tanks, so they don't get lost in the aquascape. Same for Endlers. Looking forward to the photos.
I'll probably try this today. Will post pics when I do.

Yep, I would agree. Very cool little fish. Although, I must inform you with shame that I lost two of them overnight -- my carpet seems to be nicer than my tank to the guppies...

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