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I won a bet with a friend of mine and she came over to cook me dinner so i had some spare time to work on a little project that I've been putting off. The light was so bright that I could only keep it on for 4 hours. I decided to build a little hanging system which has the light suspended about 7 inches from the water. I may no longer need floating plants but we'll see what happens in a few days.

Total cost was less than 15 bucks if anybody is interested. Items that were picked up at Home Depot as I randomly walked down every single isle looking for materials.

2 L-shaped shelf support brackets (they had multiple colors)
2 mirror wires (used to suspend mirrors)
1 packed of the little metal pieces that you clamp together (not sure of name)
1 packet of screws for sheet rock (the l-shaped brackets do come with screws).

Not the greatest looking thing but it will do. I was planning on buying a hanger that's already made but I have no room behind the tank. One more thing...the L-shaped brackets come in different lengths and the ones that I purchased were 10 inches.

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