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Picked up an anenome crab and the two are best friends now. new re scape

Tank one is now filled and cycling with a well used filter cartridge in the whisper 20. I have 4 painted white skirt tetras in there temporarily.
Tank 2 is looking really good, the Xmas moss is growing like wildfire and the shrimp and endlers seem happy.
Tank 4 is a disaster. 2.5 gallons with DIY co2 has been a nightmare, the fluctuation is insane and the co2 spikes like crazy. I tried adding whey to the yeast and sugar to stabilize the mixture a little more, and switched to injecting the co2 into the hob intake for less efficient diffusion to prevent gassing the lone female endler that lives there. I had a bga infection in this tank that I solved with hydrogen peroxide and 2 50% wc in 2 days apart, but now it is cloudy, I believe it is re cycling.
Tank 5 has a new inhabitant, a baby betta from petco. This tank also got bga after the blackout but only a little on the moss, so manual removal and a bit of peroxide sent it packing and now it is looking much better and growing in nicely.
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