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some sad news. I had to move home from college for winter break, so I drained half the water from my two tanks, put them in respective bins, sealed the tops and shoved off.

I got back home an hour and a half down the road, and my Fluval spec made it amazingly. My long tank? Not so much.

I had decided just to leave everybody in the tanks, but everything got wrecked during the drive. I pretty much had to do a total rescape.

I'll take a picture soon.

Some good news:

My friend here at St. Bonaventure gave me some shrimp, and I gave him my most pregnant least killifish.

I originally thought I'd just get neos, but he so kindly gave me at least 5 tangerine tigers, and 25 more shrimp overall.

So there are maybe 4 adults in the tank and 23 juvies ranging from newborn to near adult status.

I now have fire red blood, rilli blood and tangerine tigers in here with a wounded crayfish.

I've also got 2 nerite snails, which I'm moving soon, three adult killis and maybe 5-6 babies.

Needless to say I was very worried about the trip up.

Luckily, the tank looks under stocked still, seeing as most the species in here are micro, and the crayfish isn't permanent. She mostly just runs around and steals shrimp molts. She's afraid of the shrimp even . Kinda sad she doesn't chase them anymore.

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