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Ok, got the plants in there. Dwarf baby tears for the most part and regular baby tears in the back left. I've read just about everything I could find about HC and it seems that it does better when planted stem by stem? Wow, talk about tedious!

The HC I got was in one of those cheap plastic potted plant deals that you get at the LFS. They had just gotten the delivery when I got there and it looked great. But obviously it wasn't submersed during shipment and I suspect while being grown either? I have had the pot in my big tank for two weeks about 8 inches under the light(in a breeder box) and it looks like the leaves that were on it when I got it are wilty, but there is new growth on the tips that looks good(and small). Is this normal? This is from one pot from the store after careful separation.

It looks better in person, more vibrant and green, but my camera phone sucks.
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