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So its only been a few weeks since I last updated the picture, but wow, things are growing like crazy! The water wisteria and egeria rajas are nearing the top of the tank, the vals are growing, the anubias has a ton of new leaves, the crypts are starting to look like real plants and not just random leaves, everything is doing great. I added some osmocote tabs I bought from a member here, I'm sure that has something to do with it!

The guppy passed, and I've replaced her with a couple of dwarf blue gouramis. The lfs guy told me to get two, but I was a bit nervous they wouldn't get along. However they're doing really well. There is enough cover if they want to be apart, but I often see them swimming together. Once in awhile one will chase the other, but so far that's been very rare.

I like their blue colouring, but honestly I wanted the gorgeous orange ones I saw at the store. My 4yo was with me however and really wanted the blue ones, so....

I'm surprised how much I'm enjoying the gouramis. From photos I wasn't that enamoured, but I am so happy I gave them a shot. I've also only had some tetra sized fish, I love how big they are without being *too* big.

My only issue with this tank now is I have no contrasting plants. I tried to get plants with different textures and shades of green, but I need some red stuff or something too. Not sure what I'll do about it, probably nothing until after Christmas anyways. But I'm open to suggestions!

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