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oebt are not really that hard to care for.... if you can care for S grade CRS, oebt are nothing hard... i have seen people care for oebt in pure tap water and they still breed... of course not often as they should but as long as no death and they are active i dont see what the problem is...

of course you'll need to see what the seller has them originally in tho... i have mines in 50/50 ro & tap.... they seem to be doing fine no death... only problem is no breeding for 4 months now assuming it was the ph that was never stable as i had co2 injected into the tank they were in.... so ph change during the day and at night for 7 day a week... no stable for breeding.... no stable for shrimp-lets survival rate....

so i switch them to a non co2 tank and lets see what happens now =P
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