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The new bulb seems to be having a positive effect on the system. I've upped my co2 this week and spot treated some staghorn zones with excel as well as removed any leaf with any sign of it. Haven't seen any sign of this algae now in two days. I've been very meticulous trying to tackle this issue. I think I've finally made some serious ground. The DHG and glosso are growing nicely. The glosso is growing much slower now with the new bulb which is great! The leaves are a little smaller and it is sending out more runners. The plants pearl after about three to four hours into the photo period. Definitely not pearling like before with the 27wt light, but they look much much healthier all around. I think they have started to adjust to the reduced light intensity and are growing at a more manageable rate. The only other algae issue now is GDA. I'm going to get at it by shutting off the inlfow when wiping/scraping away, followed by a 30% maybe 50% water change after cleaning every three days. Gonna start from there and see what happens.

best, walter

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