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This update is kind of boring. The HC has continued to uproot so it actually looks like I am going backwards. In truth, I have a lot of HC that is just right at the substrate level and it's much more spread out that you would think in pictures. I have also been diligent in trimming any upward growth because I don't have a lot of light on this tank. I have a feeling that once I see some noticeable growth, it will fill in much more quickly than it looks. Still think it will take awhile but I will experiment with upping the light once I have more plant mass, now is too soon.

I bought 6 featherfin rainbow's. I did two things I told myself I wouldn't do. First is I didn't test my water before I bought the fish. I actually went to the store to buy a test kit but they didn't have a full one and were missing one critical one for me to piece together. The second was buying more than a few fish at once. I hate how stores make it significantly cheaper to buy in bulk but I just went ahead and got six. I am sure everything will be fine but I will feel bad if any die because it may be too early, and I told myself I would stock very slow.

On a positive note, I have yet to have much algae at all. As I said in another post, I was getting this black algae that I think was actually dormant and came back. It only gets on the rocks and I just took the two out and bleached them. I also have a very small amount of BGA. It doesn't seem to be spreading much and I pull what I can and have it go into my filter since my UV is on. I will just nuke it with Maracyn as I am 98% certain it came from my last tank and was in the substrate.

Here are some quick/ugly pics:


Close up of HC to give an idea of what is going on:

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