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Originally Posted by golfer_d View Post
I am wanting to build a stand like this but the local Home Depot does not carry the connectors for the 4 x 4 just the 2 x 4 corner connector. I could order the bench making kit online to get the 4 x 4 connectors but with shipping etc to Canada it would be around $75.

I have a 10 gallon tank (standard starter) that I want to place on it at one end and then possibly a smaller shrimp bowl at the other end (total length of the stand about 32" and a depth of about 12 to 14"). This idea kind of defeats the purpose of the weight being focused on the corner beams so I am not sure if I should do that or just stick with the dimensions of the tank for size.

I notice AnotherHobby used braces in the middle along with a top piece for a 12 gallon so would I be able to do something similar even though I would only be using say 2 x 4 as my corner posts? Seems all the weight would then be on the top and the middle brackets? I am not sure how weight gets deflected down which is why I am asking.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
If you want the 4x4 connectors (which look way better IMHO), I bet your local Home Depot can special order the part for you. They can almost always do that — just go to their special order service desk.

Also, weight will not be an issue with a 10 gallon however you do it. The top I made with the cross beams under is is incredibly strong, and 2x4 legs would be no problem — 100 pounds is nothing to it.

Regarding size, 14" depth is the absolute minimum you can make this stand because of the size of the brackets. Look at my pictures and you'll see the brackets are about 1/16" from touching. That's with 14" depth.
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