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I have one more suck free way to siphon. Dip the siphon head (the flared part) into the tank and fill it with water. Keeping it vertical to hold water, pull it out of the tank while covering the other end of the tube with your thumb. Keeping your hands about level outside of the tank, you'll have one hand holding the siphon head vertically and full of water, the other hand equal level with thumb over tube. Slowly remove your thumb, allowing the water pressure to fill the tube with water and forcing the air out where your thumb was. Watch closely and start to re-cover the tube once it is near full. But be careful because it can go fast. The tube doesn't have to be full all the way to your thumb, just within a foot or so.

Once the tube is full of water, dip the siphon head back into the water keeping it vertical the whole time. Before inverting it allow it to fill back up with water. Once it's full simply keep it under water and as soon as you release your thumb from the other end the water will begin to flow. It sounds more complicated than it is.
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