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Okay, today's frustration is Concoa regulators. Knowing that many of them are rebranded, it often does no good to search for the manufacturer. So, instead of "regulator 412*", which would have given me every regulator with a model number starting with 412, I now can't see any option other than search for particular model numbers.

Which means that in order to hit on every concoa brand regulator with a model number starting with 412, I need to search for "regulator +(4122301, 4123301...)", with 10 or so more models in the parenthesis. And this doesn't cover all models - there are hundreds of possibilities. All this does is cover the dozen I included based on their usefulness and likelihood of finding them.

On the other hand, you can search for "VTS250" and get a "VTS250C" as one of the results. Probably due to the length of the input and the shortness of the addition of the "C" in the result. Evilbay's helpful search engine is actually occasionally helpful.

Again, if anybody has any helpful suggestions, please let me know!
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