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My shipment from came in today!! I got a healthy portions of jungle val, lilaeopsis brasiliensis, blyxa japonica, a small portion of cryptocoryne parva, one red melon sword, a new anubias nana, and a red tiger lotus bulb. Everything looked great, so I'm pleased. It seems that I ordered my plants at exactly the wrong time to receive them on the same week of order. The guy told me to always order before 7:00pm on the Sunday before if you're wanting your plants the following week.

Pre-planting FTS:

Post-Planting FTS:

Shots of different plants:

My drop checker is a nice green color today. I'm please to see it working properly. I dosed the tank again just after planting. I'm hoping that the tank really does well over the next couple of weeks. I'm just going to let it grow like crazy. Hopefully that lilaeopsis starts to spread a little. I got the c. parva hoping that it would be a little bushy. It looks like I didn't research well enough. Luckily, it's the type that can spread out as well! That could look pretty cool. Time will tell.

Time to let it grow. Thanks for reading!


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