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I have a juvenile yellow belly slider in a 40g breeder with a bare bottom. Clean up is a snap using a siphon. I have parrot feather and water hyacinth floating on the surface and some Java Fern and Christmas moss tied to rocks on the bottom. I also have some fat head minnows and a catfish in the tank. I recognize that eventually the turtle may eat the flat heads and I am ok with that. The catfish will be moved to a pond in the spring. On one end of the tank I have a power head pushing debris across the tank where a in tank filter pulls it in. I test the water regularly and rarely find and ammonia or Nitrites. Nitrates are about 5ppm. I also have some large rocks and some Locust branches in the tank. The locust branches are submerged at one end and out of the water at the other where the basking lamp is. This is a very natural look and the turtle is often on the log basking.
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