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I don't find that the boraras predate on shrimp, I keep them with my malawa and my cherries. Of course, any fish that can will try to.

Also, I don't think anyone wants me to have these fish more than me. I have been working my tail off to try and get the fish that people want. I spend on average $2000 a WEEK trying to get fish, and unfortunately, it is just not paying off. My money is basically gone, and I am not getting the orders that I need to continue. Hopefully something gives soon, or it doesn't look good for me to be able to order for quite some time.

My Peru is delayed, AGAIN. I was depending on it being here a month ago- both to make money for restock, but also for my bills and my kids' Christmas. The constant delays of that order, the inability to source my "bread and butter" fish, and the hurricane have hurt my business to a critical point.
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