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What a HECK-of-a-Find! A 75g for free!!!!


O liked it the other way with the suggestion of changing the rocks, BUT the teaser pics of the wood standing up like that with the rocks around it looks like it is going to be FREAKIN SWEET!!!

The sand looks pretty darn good too! It is bright, but not too bright with the lighting you have on the tank! I prefer darker substrate to give the fish something to stand out against! I have Black Diamond blasting grit in my 55g and it is good, but not very natural! I WISH there were more natural sands/ small gravel out there!!!

Anyway Awesome deal on the free swimmers! Sorry they got eaten though!!! Are the Bolivian Rams known for eating their young? Never had them myself. I like the German Rams a bit better.

Since you got rid of the Angels are you going with something else?

I am Subscribed here 4sure!

Keep up the GREAT WORK!
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