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Well, today was an awesome day! My wife and I went to the doctor and found out that we are going to have our second daughter in early May!!! I couldn't be more excited! I want a son very strongly, but there's something special about a daughter. It'll be interesting to see how they both get me wrapped equally around their little fingers!

Anyhow, I went ahead and rigged up my drop checker:

It's been underwater for about an hour. No color change so far. Blue as can be...

Crypts are melting away to nothing mostly. I'm assuming that they were grown out of water and are just getting used to the immersed life.

Other stuff starting to show some signs of life.

FTS shots to show growth (12/8/2012 vs. 12/13/2012):

Not much growth to brag about, but things are starting to perk up.

On a side note, I'm having some trouble with my CO2 system. I have the working pressure adjusted to ~40psi going through the solenoid. I adjust the needle valve to allow probably 5-10 bubbles per second. What ticks me off is that I have to readjust this thing daily to maintain that type of output. Why does the rate at which CO2 gas is released through my bubble counter constantly changing even when nothing is changed as far as the regulator and needle valve are concerned? This has me pretty upset right now...

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