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Evilbay search wildcard removal

Some of you knew exactly what this thread was about after reading the title. Some of you realize what it's about when you see the symbol "*" in the context of the Evilbay search engine. Others are still lost. No worries.

But I wanted to start a thread (which, hopefully, is not in violation of any forum rule) about the fairly new unavailability of an asterisk in Evilbay search engine tools.

I'm not trying to start a venting thread - you can find plenty of those with a simple search. I've read through some of the discussions of the removal of the "*" in searches. I don't understand, or accept, the reasoning for its removal, but that doesn't matter. What I'd like to know is if there are some shortcuts, or work-arounds, that I haven't heard about or understood.

Take this for example: I can no longer search for a certain set of models of MAC solenoid valves. Specifically, anything with the model numbers of 35A-AAA-DF*, many of which are low-wattage solenoid valves, perfectly suited for our uses. If that "F" is followed by A, B, E, or F, it will work for us with minimal modification.

A month ago, a search for "35A-AAA-DFB*" would give me every model with those letters/numerals and everything that follows. Now, that search, with or without the "*", gives me zero results, while searching for "35A-AAA-DFBA" - with just the extra "A" - gives me 4 results. Note: there are *many* possible model numbers with the aforementioned number/letter sets. Also note: a missed model number is "35A-AAA-DFBA-0CA", and the "-" adds some extra complication.

Anyway, please, tell me what I'm missing. Hopefully, it's a strategy by Evilbay that will backfire and they'll reinstate the beautiful asterisk. If not, I need to know the secret handshake that will allow me to keep seeing what I'm looking for.
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