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Day one, I took the tank out of the box and put it together, then I added 5 kg of small size gravel (0.5 mm~ 0.7 mm) for bedding, then planted the plants I'd purchased - Dwarf Baby Teas, H. Micranthemoides, Nana, Sunset Hygrophila and two small drift wood. I carefully added water in the tank, turned on the lights ~ Viola ! Took about an hour to set it up! Yaks, I forgot to wash the gravel .... hummmm..

Day two, first thing is to check my new tank. The nano tank cleared up real good overnight, except very slight sign of cloud can be seen where light hits. I spent rest of my day researching how to property setup a nano tank, how to cycle a new tank and what type of fish / how many fish is best suited for a 6 gal nano tank. Whew, little did I know, there was lot to read and lot to learn about a 6 gal nano tank. I also read up on some article about how to create a (almost) self-sustained fish tank, well, this is an 'almost' scientific topic to study/discuss in another time LOL!

Day three, it was snowing heavily outside, so I stayed home read more fish & planted tank related the articles online. Today, the tank water turned crisp clear, hooray !

Day four, with freshly learned knowledge on hand, I went to Migros' pet shop, below were my shopping lists -
2 kg substrate to provide healthy growth for aquatic plants; (I didn't wash substrate either LOL, not sure this step is necessary)
A box of algae control granulate (in case);
A bottle of 100 ml PlantaMin byTetra Plant
A bottle of 250 ml AquaSafe by Tetra (New! In a yellow bottle with Blue paper in front)
1 box of AlgenStop by Dennerle (granulate)
1 NO2-Nitrit test kit (50x)
1 lava rock; 1 river rock; and 1 decor item (a miniature bridge like rock)
Plants :: Micro Sword; Rotala Indica; Windeloy Jave Fern Lace; Christmas moss
Most important, I got my tank water tested by the pet shop manager, he told me Nitrit sightly spiked up is pretty normal for a new tank. Instead of colorless, my water matched the pale pink color from the test chart and was told to do a water change in order to lower the Nitrit level.

I figure, since I had to add substrate, new plants, rocks and my cute tank decor, why not re-arrange plant layout and do a water change at the same time. So I did!

Day five, the more I read, more confused I get ::
I am not a high tech fish keeper nor an aquascape professional by a long shot. What I'm using is what came with the tank - Two halogen lights, A HOB filter system and instruction book. My tank is very basic, no CO2 system, no heater, but I do have a timer to control the lights.

I read about CO2 in relation with aquatic plants, therefore, to increase the CO2 content, I purposely didn't fill the water all the way. I can live with "Baby Tears" without tears, but will my plants grow under current condition long term? Should I get some stronger lights ?

Fluval Edge 6 gallon tank is a close top tank, which brand of CO2 system can be hang at the little opening at the center of this little tank ?


Plants in my nano tank right now::
Foreground (Left) - Micro Sword (Lilaeopsis novae-zelandiae)
Foreground (Ctr) - Dwarf Baby Tears (Hemianthus callitrichoides) << New leaves coming slowly without CO2 - No tears tho
Tall, Long & Swaying - Rotala Indica (Rotala roundifolia)
Left Mid-ground - H. Micranthemoides (Baby Tears) << Growing new leaves without CO2, therefore, no tears
Low light area - Nana
On drift wood (right side, not happy with it's current location) - Vesicularia montagnei 'Christmas moss'
Focal point - Sunset Hygrophila (Hygrophila polysperma 'Rosanervig')
Center Background - Windelov Jave Fern Lace Microsorum pteropus

Plants to be added late next week::
One small pot - Aponogeton Crispus (Bright Pink)
One small pot - Hairgrass, Dwarf (Eleocharis acicularis )
One small pot - Blyxa Japonica (for midground, if space allow)
Foreground (Right) - Hairgrass, Dwarf (Eleocharis acicularis ) << will add only have space in foreground
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