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so there has been some algea groath in the meantime of me getting the regulator and tank mated.. looks liek some black spot and black brush type of nasty stuff. so i think once i get a few more utility fish for my reef tank ill be making a shoping list to get the pressurized co2 system running..

first thing i think of is the part i need to connect the regulator to the silonoid, bubble counter rig.. should i get this at a hardware store like the depot? or try to pick it up when i go to get my tank at the co2 center brass im assuming? or stainless?

the next issue is the method to desolve the gas into the water..
i have a in-line atomizer i can hook to the output side of my fluval 406 but it will restrict flow slightly.. BUT they do sell the correct size for the fluval hosing. So would this restrict flow enough to worry about? also i will likely get some clear hose to clean everything up some and get rid of the junk catching corigated black fluval hoses..

from there.. i think its just assembly and settup.. i was planning to wait to hook the co2 up till i had everything in the good substrate and a perfect scratchless tank.. but i will be doing this basicly ASAP to fight the BBA!! please any advice will be golden for me at this point where im about to no doubt make some mistakes.. thanks!!
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